Five Truths That Hit You Hard When You Travel

#1 Itineraries almost never go to plan

When I say itinerary here, I mean the plans that you personally put together. More often than not, you’d be counting your lucky stars if you manage to check into your accommodation on time. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. But that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. By the time you realise your pre-planned itinerary has become completely useless, you’ll stop worrying about keeping to a schedule or a plan. You start wandering around, taking in the sights and pleasures of the place. Travel becomes a true experience. 


#2 This world is actually not that bad

There are some of us who believe that this world is full of crooks and creeps, lurking in the shadows, ready to snatch us the minute we let our guard down. Okay maybe that was an exaggeration. But honestly, from many of my travel experiences, I’ve realised that this world isn’t all lawless rascals and plotting pickpockets. There is genuine goodness still in society. And it is all too easy to miss that when we’re out and about our busy, daily lives.The world is full of kindness but it is only when you travel, when you have the time to observe the things around you, that you realise it.


#3 You will probably never travel with the same companion again

I’m not saying you’ll go on a trip with your family once and never again. That’s nonsense. What I mean is travelling with a friend or a group of them. Yeah sure, it’s a fun process, dreaming, planning and then going on a trip with your closest buddies. Sad as it may be, separation is a fact of life. People build new social circles and simply grow apart as time goes on. Even if you do manage to stay in contact over the years, you’ll eventually be bogged down by work and your own families. Opportunities to travel with your ‘pack’ will be at a premium. So make the most of it while you can, for ‘this too, shall pass.’ Unless you’re Gandalf, in which, it shall NOT pass. No? I apologise. #badjokeDarren


#4 But sometimes, it’s quite alright to go solo

Ahem. Guilt trip aside, I DO have a confession to make: I very much prefer to travel alone. *DUM DUM DUUUUUM! I’m sure already some of you are shouting in agreement, especially those who love to spend time by themselves.When you travel alone, you have less, restrictions. Simply because, the only person on the trip is yourself.Which also means that there will be times when you have to get out of your comfort zone and do things you normally wouldn’t do while you’re within the familiarity of your friends. And I say this from personal experience: that is when the fun begins.


#5  You’ll never truly stop

The thing is, whether you notice it or not, within every one of us, there is a traveler. For some of us, it may still be dormant, waiting for that ONE trip that will arouse its consciousness.For others, like me, it has been fully awakened and is constantly seeking out the next trip, whispering its intentions constantly to me, prodding me to go, to explore, to travel.

One thing is for certain:

“There IS a traveler rooted deep within us. And once awakened, there is nothing that can coax it back into slumber. Its wanderlust can never satiated, its thirst for new experiences never fully quenched.” – Yeoh, 2015 (Do NOT judge me.) 


Also, here’s a link to a wonderful article written by a traveler who has been on the road for 8 years. I think his insight is just wonderful and the things he writes about in the article are pretty honest and a worthwhile read:


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